Vocation Director's Welcome

Welcome to the Diocese of Scranton Vocation Website! The resources on these pages are intended to help people be aware of and respond to the Lord's invitation to priesthood or religious life. Every vocation begins in a personal relationship with God. The first decision one makes in his or her vocation is to permit God to be actively involved in one's life as he desires. When a person's heart awakens to the intimate love God has for him or her, then that person's imagination leaps at the possibilities of what life can look like with God.

Praying about becoming a priest or a consecrated religious is an exciting phase of life. Very often the idea of handing one's life over to God in this way brings profound joy and deep peace. The idea of vocation arises from the awareness of being loved by God in a unique, personal way. One's fundamental desire is to stay in this love. As our knowledge of God's personal love expands, so too our desire to share his love increases. Each vocation expresses gratitude to God for the overwhelming blessings received from his compassionate heart.

I pray that you receive the contents of this vocation website as a way of appreciating how God's faithful love for you is forming you to be an instrument of his love in the world. May you know yourself as God the Father sees you, and may you consent to allow the Holy Spirit to fashion you ever more into an icon of Jesus Christ!

If you would like further assistance in exploring your vocation, feel free to contact me or one of our Assistant Vocation Directors. We would be delighted to serve you.

Christ's Peace!

Fr. Don Williams
Vocation Director

Assistant Vocation Directors
Women's Vocations