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How Do I Become A Priest?

The first step to becoming a priest is to begin the important process of discernment, which is the way one discovers God's plan for us.

Discernment requires:

  • Quiet. If you want to discern your calling, you must take time to pray and reflect in silence.
  • Openness. If you want to know if God is calling you, you must be open to His call.
  • Guidance. Talk to a priest you feel comfortable with or contact the Diocesan Director of Vocations to help you develop your sense of self, and your relationship with God.
  • Education. Take the opportunity to learn more about the Priesthood and religious life—read as much as you can.
  • Participation. Involve yourself in your parish life, and attend retreats and other events sponsored by the Vocations office.
  • Patience. Discernment is a process. Trust in God. His timing is perfect.

The Director of Vocations is the person who facilitates the ongoing discernment process for individuals interested in becoming candidates for the Priesthood. Speaking with a vocation director does not mean you must become a priest, but it allows you to learn more about the Priesthood. To contact the Vocation Office for Diocese of Scranton, click here. The Vocations Office will be happy to answer any questions about the Priesthood and to help in your discernment.

You may be wondering what types of things are sought after in candidates for the Priesthood. There is not a checklist, but there are commonalities that generally exist. Some of these include a love and living relationship with Christ, a life of prayer, a commitment to keeping the commandments, embracing and exemplifying the teachings of Jesus, and an eagerness to serve others in His name. Perhaps one of the most important things you can possess is a willingness to allow Jesus to work through you, using you as an instrument of faith. This willingness and openness is pivotal for the discernment process.


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